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5 Best Cleaning Quote Template WP Plugins That Look Beautiful On Your Website

Whip Up A Great Cleaning Business Estimate Form In Minutes

A cost estimation form is essential to winning clients, but most of us dread creating and presenting them online. Adding the right fonts, colours, logos, images-plus all that editing- it’s more tempting to spend more time doing the actual business.  

What if you could create a great price quote for your business in a few minutes? There are so many templates and plugins that promise to deliver what you want but which of them are the best? We have tested several plugins and rounded up the best for this review.

Besides testing these plugins ourselves, we have dived deep into hundreds of online reviews to find the best and the worst about these quotation templates. Keep reading to know all the details. 

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What Are Cleaning Quotes Anyway?

A cleaning quote is an online form which allows your website users to generate a quote for the cleaning services they want. Whenever a potential client is interested in hiring your cleaners, their first question is often price related i.e. how much will it cost them to get their house cleaned by you? If they get an inaccurate estimate, it will create a negative image of your business. A cleaning quotation on your website is a solution. 


A prospective client would fill up that form published on your website and get a cleaning service quote in no time. You can use a quote template as a booking service, too and let your clients provide all the necessary information and pay the total amount for your services on your website. 

Why Do Cleaning Companies Need Quote Forms For Their Business Website

Gone are those days when people had to dial a number, talk to reception, confirm the rates, and wait in a queue to pay in cash to hire a professional cleaner. Online price estimation forms on the website of a cleaning business can bring more clarity to pricing for faster booking. 


The following are some of the benefits of cleaning quote forms.   

1. Saves Time

If you own a cleaning business, a ready-to-use template can save you loads of time. You can edit any of your favourite templates in a few clicks and create a stunning quote form fast.

2. Lead Generation Plugin

These quote forms allow you to get the contact information of your potential clients. You can later email them a quotation and other marketing material to promote your business. This way, the pricing plugin can easily act as a lead generation plugin.

3. Saves Admin Work

These plugins can save a lot of admin work. Say goodbye to your virtual assistant and let your website visitors get instant quotes with this plugin

4. Customizable and Brandable

These plugins allow you to easily customize the quote to reflect your brand colours, add your company logo, terms and conditions or any other client-related information etc.

5. Downloadable

Once a potential customer requests a quote, this plugin allows you to download the quote in pdf form and email it to the client.

6. Professional Quotes

This plugin allows you to create a professional and accurate estimate in seconds to impress your clients. You can also track the sent estimates and later convert them to invoices. All you have to do is fill out the quote template with the details of services offered by your cleaning company and create an impressive quote in no time.

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Best Cleaning Quote Plugins

Converts Leads Into Sleeves-Rolled-Up Jobs

This plugin helps in creating a cleaning quote template in a few easy steps. You can easily customize the pre-made template to add your required information.

The quote template comes with various fields such as the number of rooms, extra cleaning services, special discounts etc. You can also set up your pricing structure on the basis of the area to be cleaned.

It is super easy to fill up those forms. Your clients can add all the details of the services they require, such as the size of the kitchen or bathroom or the number of rooms that need cleaning.

You can also get important client information, such as their email addresses and lead them to a payment gateway.

The quote form generated with Stylish Cost Calculator is mobile responsive and works well on all screens.


  • A library of ready-to-use templates 
  • Conversion Between Currencies 
  • Easy customization 
  • Integration with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe 
  • Downloadable quote 
  • Image and File Upload 



  • None


Price:The cost for a single site license is $62.30 

Converts Leads Into Sleeves-Rolled-Up Jobs

Booknetic is a great plugin for quoting and booking. The users can instantly see the price of the services they require, or they can receive the quote in their email. The payment button allows potential customers to instantly book your service as well. 

This plugin is integrated with your booking calendar. It allows the customers to check your schedule, look for open time slots, book appointments or even change their schedule if required. It also allows translating the booking panel into multiple languages. 

This plugin can be used on any device. You can also change the font colours or background to reflect your brand. 


  • Customizable 
  • Mobile responsive 
  • Allows to book appointments 
  • Allows convenient filling up forms with “continue with Google” and “Continue with Facebook” options.  
  • Allows translating the booking panel into various languages. 
  • Allows users to add discount coupons and gift cards.



  • A little bit technical for the potential customers.


Price: The cost for a one-lifetime license is $79. 

Made For Trades

This app is packed with tools which make quoting for services so easy. Some of their other templates are for builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and decorators. All you have to do is to add your product details to create a great quote. You can build any price list very conveniently with this plugin.


  • Very easy to use
  • Multiple options for styling and designing 
  • Professional Look
  • Brandable 
  • Can be downloaded or emailed



  • Lacks accounting functionality 


Price: A single license costs £25 per month. 

Create Effective Cleaning Quotes In Minutes

Jot form offers online forms for quoting and estimation for different trades. Around 10 million people have downloaded their forms, and they have thousands of positive reviews on the internet. 

Their Cleaning Service Request can inform the users about the costs of services. It also allows easy collection of payments as well as data. Just customize the form according to your requirements and send it over. 

The customers find it very convenient to use. They can easily fill up the form with a drag-and-drop interface, complement it with their contact information and send it through email. The potential customers can be contacted later by the business owner.


  • Convenient to use.
  • Nice and pleasing interface. The interface supports emojis, icons, animations and video backgrounds.  
  • Multiple payment gateways 
  • Flexible format. You can add checklists, image sliders, terms and conditions, date selections, tables etc. in the form.



  • Customer service is a bit slow. 
  • Some of the widgets do not work as they are meant to.


Price: The premium plan costs $24 per month.

A Flexible and Affordable Way To Book Cleaning Services

Cleanto’s system for booking cleaning services is very strong, flexible, and inexpensive, and it can be used by a wide range of businesses. The plugin works best for various cleaning service businesses, like janitorial booking, handyman services, window cleaning, domestic, carpet cleaning service, and on-demand maid services. 

This plugin allows the users to access your booking calendar, find out the open slots or even reschedule their appointment. Once the users book an appointment, they can view the costs as well as pay through one of the many payment gateways.


  •  Multiple payment gateways 
  • Appointment reminder 
  • Manual booking 
  • Reschedule appointments



  • It is a little more expensive than the other plugins on the list. 


Price: The Regular version costs $99, and the Extended license costs $525.


A cleaning quote template can save you a lot of time and convert more leads into sales.Your potential customers can get instant price estimates and pay for your services with their desired payment gateways. 

A good cleaning quote form should be mobile responsive and customizable. It should allow the business owners to create a professional looking form fast. It should be integrated with payment gateways for faster conversions. 

Choose your favourite plugin from the list above and create a great price estimation quote to publish on your website. 


Quotes for a cleaning service can be quite difficult to come by, but there are some basic steps that you need to take in order to write one that is effective and appealing. First, identify the services or products your business offers and similar research businesses so that you have an idea of what quotes they typically give out. Next, decide on a price range that will cover your costs while still leaving you with enough profit margin.
Once you have these basics down, it’s time to start writing the quote itself. Begin by introducing yourself and providing background information about your business. Explain how your team approaches cleaning and why their approach is superior to those of other businesses in the field. Write about how much work each member of your team tackles per day (or week) and explain any special techniques they use or certifications they hold related to cleaning jobs. Finally, stress the importance of customer satisfaction – let clients know how important it is for them to feel confident recommending your company online or through social media channels.

It is best to use a predefined template and improve it. It will save you time and effort.

Cleaning estimates are a great way to get an idea of how much it will cost you to clean a specific area or property. To do this, simply ask for the measurement of the space that you would like to estimate and then give the options for choosing cleaning supplies and equipment. Allow your website users to add any extra items or services that may be required (like special cleaners for high-traffic areas).
Once your potential customers complete the cleaning estimate, follow up with the help of contact information provided by them. If the quote is too expensive, consider offering discounts, deals or gift coupons.

There are many ways that you can advertise your cleaning business for free. You could start a blog and post about the various services that you provide or create social media profiles to share photos of your clean homes. You could also distribute flyers in local businesses and neighbourhoods or place ads on online platforms like Craigslist or Google AdWords.

Another way of advertising your business is through a quote form. Allow your web users to fill up a quote form and provide their contact information. You can send promotional material to your potential customers on their email addresses and promote your business. 


Whatever route you decide to take, make sure to focus on promoting your business locally instead of nationally because national advertising campaigns may be more expensive than those aimed at specific markets. Also, be sure to set realistic expectations for how much traffic your ad will generate; even small businesses can benefit from targeted online marketing campaigns!

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