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By bringing clarity to your pricing

Modernize your website

With stylish and animated forms that make you look professional

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Build a powerful estimator in minutes, without code!


WordPress Calculator & WordPress Calculator Plugin

Are you interested in upgrading your user’s experience, skyrocketing conversions while maintaining a clean, stylish website?

With Stylish Cost Calculator, you can build an attractive instant quote on your website with little to zero coding. Now your users can visualize your products or services’ cost while they’re browsing your site with this unique calculator form.

Help your users visualize your prices

Increase sales, decrease bounce rates

Stylish Cost Calculator is the sweet spot between feature-packed and yet simple & quick to implement.

You can add sliders, dropdowns & checkboxes that your customers can then utilize by inputting their own unique information to receive a customized quote (which can easily be printed or sent to an email address). Turn buttons off or on, force users to give an email before seeing the price, and much much more!

Rare Features

Below is a list of rare features that are not common with other website cost calculators for WordPress.


The ability to have different prices based on quantities.


Clean up long-forms with conditional logic.


Have visitors buy your products or services, immediately.

Currency Conversion

Do you sell products globally? Automatically convert your prices in real-time.

Custom Math

Allows for extra control over your prices. Add variables to affect the ending total if you need to.

Itemized Summaries

Give your users a formal-looking quote that they can email, print or save.

One-Click Loading Templates

Click on any template below to see it live in-action. All these demos are loadable in the plugin with one click.

Frontend Elements

Below is a list of rare features that are not common with other website cost calculators for WordPress.


Quantity Input Box

Quantity Input Box is great if you sell a large quantity of a product/service.


Range slider is a very intuitive user interface with one handle to allow users to choose a value within a limited range.


Dropdowns are great to force a user to be only allowed to select one item in that category.

Toggle Switches

Toggle switches are the same as checkboxes but styled differently.

Cheek Box

Checkboxes are great for listing multiple options for your products or services.

Features You'll Adore

WordPress Calculator Plugin


Other WordPress Cost Calculators are hard to install on the page. However, with the Stylish Cost Calculator plugin, you can easily copy and paste the given short-code into any page.

Stay Stylish

Keep your calculator stylish by trying out any of the 5+ checkbox styles.


Quickly change your font size, color and font style. You also have the option of changing the color of your titles, slider, checkboxes and drop-down menus.

Animate to Modernize

Your website will look modern and professional with some of the animated features we offer—for example: when users click on a checkbox or radio button. You may choose to turn this off.

Giving You More Features

Speed & Performance Optimized

Users can view detailed & itemized price breakdown

Users can email & print quotes

Bulk pricing discount calculations

Comparing Free vs Premium Free Premium
Unlimited elements + drag & organize
One-click pre-made templates
Compatible with elementor, wp bakery, divi builder, beaver builder
Translate to any language (i)
Bulk pricing discount/sliding scale
Custom math (lite) (i)
Responsive (customize columns on mobile & desktop)
Live currency conversion (i)
Quote (Email PDF, Print PDF, Itemized Quotes)
Multiple calculators on one-page
Generate coupon codes (i)
Payment processing (Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce) (i)
Conditional logic (drop-downs & check-boxes) (i)
Honey Pot (Google Captcha)
Image & File Upload
Premium setup: one-time fee for advanced help. *Subject to our availability.

Keep your site looking modern, pro, fast and secure

Take action today and separate yourself from your competitors by giving yourself more control over your WordPress website and your users more control and clarity with their purchases.

Who Is This For?

Any small and medium business, online services, retail stores, spas & salons and much more! Some examples, but not limited to, are:

Plugin FAQs

WordPress Price Quote Plugin

It’s a yearly cost. It fuels us to create new features every month. On average we create 2 new months a month.

Free plugins have a tendecy to become abandoned by their authors.

This feature is reserved for our premium users. You can charge tax or VAT by doing the following.


Yes, our price calculator plugin has conditional logic on dropdown menus, checkboxes and a few other elements. Read more below.


No, you don’t need to know to code to use our price estimate WordPress plugin. But, if you want to customize or style it, you should hire a CSS/PHP/HTML web developer.


Please check the middle of the homepage. It will show you a chart.

You can do this by clicking the MORE SETTINGS button when editing the calculator.

Click here for more information https://designful.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/48000946406

We receive a lot of queries from users asking this question.

As of right now, we’re not able to have products or services multiply each other. The only exception is with the slider. The slider is able to multiply the quantity of the slider amount (units) to the price of any dropdown or checkbox element that sits inside the same subsection.


We’re looking into developing this in the future.

Yes, to embed this calculator form into your website requires you to copy and paste your shortcode onto your site using the code or shortcode widget.

Yes, our price estimation form builder works for Elementor. Please use the shortcode widget (not the text widget) to embed the shortcode onto the frontend.

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