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Conditional Logic Form:
Create a Powerful WordPress Form In 4 Easy Steps

Are you looking for the best WordPress conditional logic plugin?
Stylish Cost Calculator is the best choice.

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Do you know that around 27% of people abandon a form due to its length? Lengthy, boring and irrelevant forms can greatly reduce conversions. Conditional logic can help reduce the length of the form by showing only the relevant entries to a user. It also helps a business owner to qualify leads, which results in more conversions.  


Building conditional logic WordPress forms is easy. All you need is a right plugin. There are so many plugins with conditional logic features, such as Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Caldera Forms, Formidable Forms, and Contact Form 7. But if you need the most user-friendly and comprehensive plugin, it is Stylish Cost Calculator.


This article will discuss why Stylish Cost Calculator is the best WordPress form builder with conditional logic. We will also discuss how you can create an effective conditional logic form with Stylish Cost Calculator.       

What is the Conditional Logic Form?

Conditional logic is a powerful tool on your WordPress website. It can improve user experience by only showing the most relevant form fields. This feature helps create forms by setting conditions to show or hide some fields according to if-then conditions. For example, if a user agrees to pay for a subscription, she will be directed to the payment field. If she disagrees, she will be directed to the other sections. 


A smart conditional logic form, along with other plugins, can help a website visitor to stay longer on your website, access all the relevant information conveniently, and convert faster.  

How Does Conditional Logic Improve User Experience?

Every day, we make decisions according to different conditions. If it is hot and sunny, we will wear a cotton-based shirt and a hat. If it is raining, we will take an umbrella. This type of reasoning is known as the logic of conditionals.

It can be a very powerful marketing tool. An online WordPress form allows businesses to ask questions and set conditions for making better decisions. The goals of an effective conditional logic form for WordPress are: 

  1. Minimize distractions for the website visitors 
  2. Simplify questions so that visitors can fill in their required info 
  3. Remove unnecessary questions that waste time and make a website visitor leave without filling in the questionnaire. 

3 Tips For Effective Use of Conditional Logic In WordPressForms

The following are the best practices for using the logic of conditionals to make your online forms more effective: 

  1. Make your form responsive. Your form should be designed to work on all devices. This way, your users are likely to have a positive experience. 
  2. Your form should be easy to understand. You should use accurate and precise language. Avoid using jargon or complex sentences, as they can confuse users. 
  3. Testing the form before making it live on your website is always a good idea. The people you choose to test your form out with should be similar to your actual audience. 

Examples of WordPress Conditional Logic Forms

Job Application Forms

Application forms can be very frustrating, but this feature can help to make them convenient to use. It allows showing or hiding certain fields on the application form based on the responses to other fields. For example, if an applicant indicates that they have no prior experience, you could hide the field asking for their previous employer information. 

Iteractive Quiz Forms

Conditional logic makes the form more engaging and interactive. One way of doing it is to design a quiz with different questions for each user. This way, you can control what information is shown and which actions are taken based on the responses to previous questions. If someone answers “yes” to a question, they might see a different set of options. This simplifies complicated questionnaires by breaking them down into smaller and more manageable parts.  

Feedback Forms

The conditional logic feature allows you to collect user input and engage them with your brand. One of the best ways to do that is through feedback forms. Feedback forms help you gather information about your favourite products from the audience. This improves brand engagement as well as provides you with feedback about your products. 
For example, you can create a fun quiz about the most popular styles of T.shirt in your store. When the user fills in the quiz, they will receive a quote in their email about the expected cost of their dream t.shirt.  

At the end of the quiz, they can sign up for your newsletter and receive a 10% discount when they buy their next t. shirt. 

Payment Form

You can also create a WordPress payment form using conditional logic. The conditional logic feature allows you to display fields depending on the responses of the customers. It also allows you to add a scenario-based fee to the total cost through a custom math feature. 

Witness the Power of Stylish Cost Calculator Live!

Why Stylish Cost Calculator is The Best WordPress Conditional Logic Plugin?

There are several reasons why Stylish Cost Calculator is the best form builder with conditional logic. 

1. Displays Only the Most Relevant Information

Say goodbye to needlessly long forms. You can use conditional logic to show the most relevant information. One way of doing it is by hiding steps 2, 3, and 4 behind step 1. For example, when a user comes on a t.shirt printing website, he should see a simple form like this: 

When the user clicks the shirt type, the other relevant fields show. 

This way, you can keep the forms simple until you need the information. This makes it likely that the visitor will fill it out. 

2. Custom User Messages

You can trigger custom user messages to keep the users engaged, offer cross-sales, give instructions and more. This feature will be available after we are done developing Raw Text Element. 

3. File Uploads

Based on the responses of your users, you can trigger a file upload element to appear. This feature is not available yet, but it will be available soon. 

4. Personalized User Experience

Your users love the personalized experience. When you personalize your forms, you turn them into a valuable tool for lead generation and improving ROI. The conditional logic feature allows you to change the form field based on the user’s previous answers or other factors. This increases the chance the visitor completes it.

5. Lead Qualification

You can’t sell everything to everybody. You need to make sure that they are the right customers who have the potential to convert. A strong marketing tool like conditional logic can help you identify the best sales targets. It can help you identify whether or not a potential client is a good fit for your products or services. 

6. Displays Images and Short Description Of The Items Entered

When your audience fills in their required services or products in the online form, they can view the relevant images and descriptions of that product/service. For example, while designing the t.shirt printing calculator using the Stylish Cost Calculator plugin, you can add images and a brief description of different types of shirts.

Displays Images and Short Description Of The Items Entered

When a user classifies a tee as her preferred choice, she can see a description and image of a tee before she proceeds to fill in the form. This way, she understands your offering better before she heads to make payment.  

7. Scenario-Based Fees

Conditional custom math is a smart feature that allows you to charge an extra fee based on certain extra features/products a user wants. For example, if a user wants to buy premium features on top of your basic services, she can add them by adding 10% of the fee to the total price. 

Still Not Convinced? Here are some more reasons why Stylish Cost Calculator is the best form builder with conditional logic for your WordPress website.

  1. The free version also allows you to use conditional logic. Most of the free WordPress plugins do not let you use the conditional logic feature. 
  2. It is very convenient to build. A simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to build a form in minutes. 
  3. It offers integrations with CRM systems like Zappier 
  4. It is a WooCommerce form builder. 
  5. It works seamlessly with Elementor. 
  6. It has a library of free templates that allow you to create the most complicated forms in minutes. 

How To Create A Conditional Logic Form With Stylish Cost Calculator

Step 1

Download Stylish Cost Calculator. Click “Add New.” 

Step 2

Choose a calculator form from one of the templates. For this article, we are using the template of the t.shirt printing calculator. 

Step 3

Choose the element where you want to add conditional logic. Click the button at the bottom and add details. 

Step 4

Click Save. The conditional logic is applied to the field. 

Witness the Power of Stylish Cost Calculator Live!

How To Use Conditional Logic For Custom Math Feature?

This feature can be used for adding scenario-based fees. For example, you have 2 services, and you want to charge an extra 20% fee when service 2 is hired. You can do this through conditional logic for the custom math feature in Stylish Cost Calculator.   

1. Open Stylish Cost Calculator. Click New.

2. Add elements/services and their costs.
You can choose either a drop-down menu, toggle switch, a slider or any other option.

3. Click the Custom Math option.

4. Click percentage and value. In this case, we are adding a 20% fee if option 2 is selected. Give it a name like “extra fee.” Click save.

5. Now click conditional logic. Select service category 1> equal to> Service 2>

This is how it would look on the front end. Whenever a user chooses service 2, an extra 20% fee will be added to the total cost she has to pay. 

If you do not want the extra fee to display on the front end, you can hide it through advanced features. Click advanced features, and toggle off the display button. 


Conditional logic is one of the most amazing features. It improves user experience by displaying only the most relevant fields on your form. Stop putting everything in front of your users. When you show only the most relevant fields, it can do wonders for how often your form is submitted. Install Stylish Cost Calculator today, the ultimate WordPress Form Builder Plugin.   


You can do it with a smart form like Stylish Cost Calculator. It allows you to display and hide fields depending on user responses. You can build the best conditional logic forms with this plugin. All you have to do is set conditional logic rules on your dynamic form to improve form submission.

It helps you to create forms by setting conditions to show or hide some fields according to if-then conditions. Conditional logic forms change according to user response. 

It ensures that people using the form will see only the relevant questions. This relevancy is ensured on the basis of their responses to previous questions. 

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