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Instant Quote Calculator: Build An Amazing Instant Price Calculator In 7 Easy Steps

Stylish Cost Calculator simplifies your pricing conversations and accelerates your deals straight to the close.

Do you know that confusing or delayed price quoting can result in loss of revenues, poor brand image and lack of trust? Businesses that sell products or services with variable pricing often spend a lot of time and effort in creating a quote for each job. Inaccuracy or lack of uniformity might result in the loss of a potential customer. Stylish Cost Calculator can help. 

This instant price quote calculator allows your sales team to create quotes more quickly and efficiently with a CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) form. Even your website visitors can calculate the price of their desired service all by themselves. Faster quoting means more sales and greater revenue. 

Say goodbye to ugly, confusing pricing sheets. Use our all-in-one quoting and pricing plugin to sell with style.

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Do You Need an Online Price Quote Calculator Anyway?

The short answer is “Yes.” Let us share the story of one of our clients to prove the point. Our client was a digital strategy company that had been offering a range of services such as market research, long-term growth strategies, organizational development etc. Each of their potential clients would have to book a live consultation to find out the cost of the needed services. This would cause ambiguity about pricing and waste a lot of time in live calls and consultations. 

 Once the digital strategy company installed our instant quote calculator, they started saving a lot of time and effort. Their clients would land on their service page and simply add up the cost of their desired services through the online quote calculator. The digital strategy company didn’t stop there. Realizing the full potential of our custom price quote calculator plugin, they adjusted the calculator form according to their needs to make it detailed and personalized. This way, they received only qualified leads. 

Their story is just one example of how businesses can benefit by installing our instant online quote calculator. It is super easy to set up and improves your marketing efforts in a variety of ways. 

How to Create An Instant Quote Calculator With Stylish Cost Calculator Plugin?

Step 1

Install a premium version of Stylish Cost Calculator on your website. Click Add New to create your personalized online price calculator.

Step 2

Choose a template from the library of templates. Start editing right away. You can also build a quote form from scratch. 

Step 3

Edit the template. Put your business logic into the calculator and build an instant quote form in minutes. 

You can also add drop-down menus, sliders, or toggle switches to make your form user-friendly. Add pictures of your products for more clarity. 

Step 4

Add an email quote button for collecting leads. You can build an instant quote funnel with the Stylish Cost Calculator. Trade your final price for the email address of your user. Customize the form according to your requirements.  

Hide the total price from the quote form through calculator settings. 

Scroll down to find Total Price Settings and toggle on Remove the Total Price Button. 

Step 5

Make conversions faster by adding a payment button. You can choose to add a variety of payment options in your quote form.

Step 6

Personalize by adjusting settings. Adjust font settings to reflect your brand. You can also adjust calculator settings to alter tax/VAT settings.  

Step 7

Paste it on the website. Click “Embed To Page.” Grab the short code and paste it on your website.

Benefits Of Instant Quote Calculator

Some of the benefits of our instant quote calculator plugin are as follows: 

1. Create A Better Buying Experience

Stylish Cost Calculator can empower your website visitors to click and choose what they like. It answers price-related queries of your potential customers and boosts engagement. Once the calculations are completed, it allows the collection of sales leads in the form of contact details.    

2. Stand Out From The Competition

No matter which industry you belong to, you will always have competitors. If you create a connection with your audience by highlighting your “uniqueness,” your business will be the winner. You might be wondering how you could become unique. One way of doing it is to use an interactive price quote calculator on your website. While your competitors are using static content like blog posts and e-books to engage their visitors, you can stand out by using interactive content. Interactive content results in better engagement and more conversions. 

3. Enhances Brand Trust

Imagine going to a restaurant and finding a menu with no prices mentioned in front of the food items. You ask the waiter the cost of your favourite hamburger and you get vague responses. Will you buy food from there? Let’s apply the same scenario to an online business. If you want people to purchase from you, you must ensure transparent pricing and clear communication. Our custom calculator can give accurate price calculations, establishing your transparency and trustworthiness.

4. Synchronizes With CRM Systems

Your marketing efforts can only be successful if all the elements on your website synchronize seamlessly. Our instant quote calculator can be used in conjunction with marketing tools such as Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly and much more.

5. Saves Time

If you are spending a lot of time sending spreadsheets, PDFs, or responding to price-related queries of your customers, you need our Stylish Cost Calculator. It saves time by answering your customers’ queries. Your customers also do not have to wait for your response and get immediate, on-the-spot pricing solutions.   

6. Clean-Up Long Forms

Say goodbye to long and complex input forms that your customers hate. Stylish Cost Calculator will ask only for relevant inputs based on conditional logic. 

7. No Coding Required

Even non-techie business owners find it easy to set up a Stylish Cost Calculator. With drag-and-drop features, you can set up a quote form without any hassle. 


Stylish Cost Calculator is a perfect tool for businesses that sell services with variable pricing. It allows your website visitors to quote and pay in a few clicks. The application is very easy to set up and requires no coding. It offers you a lot of flexibility and you can create a beautiful quote form no matter which business you are in.    


An instant quote calculator is an online widget that can be embedded in your website. It allows website visitors to calculate the cost of your services or products based on their individual preferences and requirements.

Yes. Our library of templates can assist in building a quote form for almost any service or product. You can also build a quote form from scratch.  

The easiest way to build a price quote calculator form is to use a smart plugin like Stylish Cost Calculator. It requires no coding and you can set up a form through drag-and-drop features in minutes. 

You can embed it on any web page, service page or blog post. 

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