Below is our April blog for the changes that were developed for Stylish Cost Calculator ( website cost calculator ).

A huge thank you for all the positive reviews. We’ve seen a positive increase in sales, which has been helping out with the new development of new features. We’ve officially beaten all our competitors in features now. We have the best calculator on the market, and it’s all thanks to your paid users.

If you haven’t made a review, and you want to support more features being developed, you can do so here.

Drag & Drop ★★★★★

You all have been asking for this for a long time now and now we have it. You can drag and drop elements within the same subsection.

Automatic Currency Conversion ★★★★★

Now you can have an automatic currency conversion (gives price based on users’ location), or, select a static currency to convert to a specific currency of your choice.

Settings: &

Vote for new features

You can now add to the features suggestions list and vote for existing ones.

Custom Math

Custom Math allows users to use custom variables to affect the ending total price at the subsection level. You can add up to one for each subsection. Example: divide the entire subsection sub-total by 12 if you want to give a monthly price of an annual price element.

Price Bubbles

We’ve added a feature, still in beta, that will pop an animated bubble every time some users click an element that adds a cost to the total. This will help your users understand the cost of each item as they’re choosing products and services.

Cleaner GUI

Yesterday, we were looking over the very first GUI we had, it was embarrassing lol. Anyways, we gave it another facelift. We hope you prefer it.

Performance Boost

We’ve consolidated more files and cleaned up some JS code, for faster loading on pages.


Previous Email from Mar 30, 2020

Woocommerce Integration

A lot of users have requested woocommerce integration with Stylish Cost Calculator, and we now have successfully developed this feature. It’s in beta testing. If you’re interested to try it, please send a reply.

If you missed the last email from us, here are some exciting new advancements that’ve made so far.