Hi there,

Important information regarding your installation of Stylish Cost Calculator for WordPress.

We’ve released a new update on Stylish Cost Calculator that requires you to flush your servers and browsers cache. Please do so to take advantage of the fantastic new features.

Oh My! Guess What? Stylish Cost Calculator …..
Just Got Better

Paypal Integration
Around a month ago, we release a feature to allow you to add a Paypal button to your Calculator form and get paid through it!

Force Customers to Give their Email
You can now hide the total price, to force customers to email themselves the quote. You can choose to have the form email a sales@yourdomain.com email and store all the quote forms for further sales opportunities.
You can hide the detailed list view as well.

Preview your Calculator in the backend
Witness your changes in real-time! You don’t have to open two browser tabs anymore.

Force a mandatory option
Currently only working for dropdown, you can force to choose a service/product before they can email or print a quote.

Translate the plugin on the frontend for your language
You can now translate almost all elements in the entire calculator in your language. We’re just putting the finishing touches on the “Choose an option…” for the dropdown.

Add tax
You can use the more settings tab to add a certain tax percentage to your calculator instance. This setting is not global, and you must do this for each calculator.

New Buttons
A new style of buttons called Simple Buttons is excellent to have lots of buttons on the same line.
  We added some cool new animations to some existing radio-style and checkbox buttons. Try them out 🙂

Detailed List | Add your company logo and banner
You can now add your logo and banner to the Detailed List view. Check it out in the global settings tab.

Faster & Cleaner
We’ve removed over 6 CSS files to speed up the plugin and make the code a whole lot cleaner.

More User-Friendly
Last month, we made the backend more user-friendly.

Choose Your Currency Style
You can now choose how you want your currency to be displayed. $1041.5 or 1041.50 CAD.


Want to optimize your Cost Calculator to the best potential?

Watch out for our next email that will invite you guys to create a community and share advice on how to make the most money out of your Stylish Cost Calculator. Over the last six months, I’ve received tons of fantastic feedback and advice from you all that helped make SCC what it is today.

Good news, I plan to spend the next six months of all the sales revenue of SCC to reinvest back into the plugin and make it better than any other calculator on the market for WordPress!