January 2023

New Features 😲

Here are 8+ new business-enhancing
features for your cost calculator


Email Validation

Prevent wrongly entered or fake emails with the new email validator feature.


Price Hints

Price Hints are now working for all elements (sliders, dropdowns, checkboxes, image buttons, etc.)


Rebuilt Dropdown + Search

The dropdown element has been completely rebuilt to be faster, more compatible, and with less code (faster page loads), with a new search feature and stylish scroll bar.

Image support is now better with higher-quality photos.

The search bar will automatically appear about 7+ items inside the dropdown.


Live Currency Conversion "Chooser"

Allow your frontend users to choose the currency they want to convert to.


Stylish Call-To-Action Buttons

Improve your conversion rates by making your calls to action more prominent.

Two more styles are now added to CTA buttons, for a total of four styles.

These buttons are stylish and animated to attract your users to click them.


Email Quote Acceptance

Now, you can force users to accept the following:

  • Terms & Conditions Acceptance
  • GDPR Acceptance
  • Return Policy Acceptance
  • Warranty Policy Acceptance


Blur Total Price

Entice your users to give their contact details (email, phone, name) to see the total price.

Just enough blur for the user to know it’s the total price, and enough blur to force the lead to give their contact details.

This feature will be ready by the end of January 2023


Other Changes

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