New Features

March 2021

User Action Buttons Style 2

Putting the Style back in Stylish Cost Calculator; we developed a second style for the user action buttons.

Toggle Unit Price

You can now toggle the unit price on/off on the detail list view and email PDF.

Dashboard Nav Menu

A navigation menu bar has been added at the top right of the plugin to make it easier to use. 

Duplicate List

Now you can easily duplicate your calculator list by simply clicking the ‘Duplicate’ button found under the Calculator List.

Other Fixes

What's Cooking-Up Next​

A beta version will be ready on March 30th​

Email Quote Form Builder

Customize the email quote check-out process by adding as many custom fields as you would like.

Quote Management CRM

Yay! Now you can store, organize, filter, export and maintain your quotes. With the ability to change the status, you will be able to