Released This Month

Conditional Logic

We’ve finished round 2 of conditional logic.

Read more here!

Checkbox Print Hint

You can now trigger a print hint for checkboxes

View the example here!

Activate feature here!

GUI CleanUp

We’ve started cleaning up our front GUI to your users alongside the backend GUI for admins. The detailed view list will be more symmetrical starting with the Novembers update.


View the example here!

New Modal Popup Look

We’ve re-designed our modal popups for the coupon, email quote and add-to-cart feature. Everything is standardized and more modern now.

View the example here!

Image Support

You can now trigger a print hint for checkboxes

You can now add images to your products and services.

View the example here!
Detailed Liew View

Example is here.

Thank You For Your Amazing Reviews!

What supports these new features is helping us grow our sales. Please make a view if you have not already.

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In Development

Image & File Upload

Image & File Upload
We’re currently working on a feature to allow your users to upload images and files to the form.

Expected: November 2020

Stripe Payments

Stripe payments coming soon to an update near you!

Expected: November 2020

Honey Pot & Google Captcha

We’re working on integrating Google Captcha to help fight spam coming through our plugin.

Expected: November 2020

Sliding Scale

We currently only have a bulk discount/price break feature for when using buy more, they save more. But, this is happening at the per-unit level. We’re coming out with a feature that will allow a sliding scale to happen at the fixed total price level.

Sliding Scale = Between 1 and 10 = $100 flat price
Example: 3 = $100

Bulking Price Break = Between 1 and 10 = $100 per unit price
Example: 3 = $300
Note: This feature currently exists with our slider.

Expected: December 2021

Multiple Totals

We’re currently thinkings of ways we can integrate a multiple totals feature by using shortcodes. Possibility with generating shortcodes for each subsection or section, then you can use these shortcodes to generate the total for that particular section or subsection. As we’re busy with trouble tickets and other features, we only see this becoming possible in March 2021. First, we have to see if our original idea is possible.

Expected: March 2021

Conditional Logic V3

To have most elements have the ability to show/hide if other elements are triggered.

Expected: November 2020

Quote Management

We’re working on a feature to organize your leads, make notes favourite them, mark as completed or contacted and much more. If you have ideas to add to the mix, please send our way.

Expected: January 2021

Proposed Look:

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