New Features

September 2021

Images As Checkboxes

Use images as checkboxes where users can click on to add a product or service to their estimate and invoice.

Add Tax to Frontend

Add Tax/VAT to the frontend of your calculator.

'OR' Functionality for Conditional Logic

Before, you could only use ‘AND’ conditions for conditional logic. Now, you can use ‘OR’ and this should help give you more power to clean-up your longers forms and only show elements that relate to the user.

Add Customer Details to PDF Invoice

If you want to make your PDF invoices more invoice-like, add the users’ details at the top right.

3 Columns for Checkboxes

Do you have many checkboxes? If so, you might find the current 1-column row will make your calculator form look too long. Now, you can spread things out more with 2 or 3 columns.

New Features: May 2022

May 2022 New Features Here are šŸ˜²8 new business-enhancing features for your cost calculator 1. Minimum & Maximum Values for the Number Input Box Add


New Features: December 2021

New Features December 2021 Variable Math Shipping RatesĀ –Ā Fees based on length, width, and height of a shipping item. Mortgage Calculator –Ā Calculate a monthly fee. Loan