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Setup A Stunning Screen Printing Cost Calculator In Minutes That Will Skyrocket Your Sales!

How Much Cost Per Shirt? Answer Your Customer’s Queries With the Stylish Cost Calculator

A screen printing business is quite versatile. You get orders to print concert posters, fine art prints, custom t-shirts, apparel, and papers in a variety of designs, colours, inks and styles. The problem often lies in transparent and accurate pricing. As screen printing businesses offer a variety of services, with different options, their pricing is often ambiguous for their clients. Our cost calculator plugin is an easy solution. Incorporate your existing pricing structure into the Stylish Cost Calculator. This way your leads can easily quote and qualify themselves.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of a cost calculator for your screen printing business website as well as how to set it up easily. 

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How Important It Is To Quickly Answer Cost-Related Queries?

Let us answer this question by referring to a well-known concept in business called “ambiguity aversion.” People always like to spend money when they have more clarity about the product and its pricing structure. On the other hand, if the pricing structure is ambiguous or the buyers have some unanswered questions about the product, they won’t spend money on that product.   


Imagine buying bath towels online. You choose your favourite store, but there are 5 different sizes, 7 different texture types, and 18 different colours. If all these options result in variable prices for each item, imagine how difficult it would be to guess the total cost of 2 pairs of bath towels. However, if the pricing queries of potential buyers are quickly answered, sales can increase. 

A cost calculator is an easy solution. We recommend buying Stylish Cost Calculator for your screen printing business.  

Why Choose Stylish Cost Calculator For Your Screen Printing Business Website?

Stylish Cost Calculator is one of the most igneous tools for bringing clarity to your pricing structure. Marrying your screen printing business website with Stylish Cost Calculator can boost your sales. Although there are many cost calculator plugins out there, Stylish Cost Calculator stands out because of its 13+ different templates that could be easily edited to fit your needs. 

The following are a few reasons why Stylish Cost Calculator is a great choice for your business website. 

1. Convenient and User-Friendly

It is very easy to use even for non-techie business owners. You can easily set it up using drag and drop features. The Preview feature allows you to see how your calculator will look at the front end. This makes editing much easier.

2. Translate in Different Languages

You can translate it into any language you require.

3. Global Selling

You can use this plugin for global selling. The currency conversion feature allows you to convert the cost into any currency.

4. Multiple Templates

You don’t have to create a screen printing calculator from the scratch. Choose from the list of templates that are constantly updated, edit it and embed it.

5. Easy Customization

The plugin allows a variety of customization options. Choose the font colours, style or graphics to reflect your brand.

Are you looking to add a cost calculator to your WordPress website today?

Try Stylish Cost Calculator for Free

How To Set Up A Screen Printing Cost Calculator On Your Website?

Step 1 - Install Stylish Cost Calculator

 Find out the Stylish Price List widget from the main dashboard. Click All Calculator Forms. 

Step 2 - Choose a T.Shirt Printing Template From The List. Click Edit.

Step 3 - Customize The List To Create A Form

Create the price estimation form for your screen printing business with simple drag and drop features, sliders and checkboxes. Edit the existing list for creating a form faster.

Create a title and a short description/instructions at the top.

Create subsections by filling in the required information and adding drop-down menus or sliders.

Create a section to find out about the graphic design requirement. Add check boxes for a convenient response.

Step 4 - Payment Option

Choose the payment gateway for your customers to pay you instantly.

Step 5 - Use Quote Email Option

Get Your Customers’ Email To Send Them the quote they requested as well as more information about your business later.  

Step 6 - Font Settings

Fine-tune your quotation form with font size and type to reflect your brand. 

Step 7 - Calculator Settings

Use the calculator settings to alter tax/VAT settings or frontend options such as user action buttons and PDF settings etc.

Step 8 - Embed The Calculator To Your Web Page

Use the shortcode feature to quickly add the calculator to your website. 

Are you looking to add a cost calculator to your WordPress website today?

Try Stylish Cost Calculator for Free

Benefits of Screen Printing Cost Calculator Plugin

Fast Calculation

The cost calculator allows your potential customers to quickly complete the calculation tasks while browsing your website. Imagine a client who wants to order screen printing on 50 different T. Shirts with different designs, and styles. Your price list can give him an idea about the cost but  he has to be a math genie to do all the calculation tasks correctly.

Stylish Cost Calculator can quickly create a price estimation form. Your potential customer will fill it up according to his requirements and quickly see the estimated cost. 

Generate More Leads

If you want to make more sales, you need to get more leads. The best way to do that is by leveraging all the tools at your disposal.

With the stylish cost calculator, your potential customers can fill in a quotation form and download it after providing their email addresses. This way, you can email them your offers for more conversion.

Speed Up the Sales

We’ve all been there: you’re trying to sell a printed t.shirt, and your client is asking you a ton of questions about how your price compares to the competition. Or maybe they’re telling you that “everyone else” is offering a better deal, or that they’re going to have to go with another provider.

The problem isn’t your client—it’s the fact that it’s hard for anyone to compare prices when they can’t see what’s different about each offer.

That’s why we built the Stylish Cost Calculator! Our stylish cost calculator lets customers weigh in on which features are most important to them and what type of value they want from their purchase. We then show them exactly how much these options will cost them, so they can make an informed decision about their purchase.

Modernize Your Website

Do you know what makes you different from so many other screen printing businesses out there? It’s your professional website of which the Stylish Cost Calculator is an important part. A cost calculator makes you look like a pro. Your potential customers can tell the difference. An up-to-date website can result in a better image and more conversions. 

Quick Answer To All The Price Related Queries

According to a Hubspot study, the greatest number of queries by customers are price-related. The stylish Cost Calculator is an easy solution. It allows your users to find answers to all the price-related questions. This way your admin workload is significantly reduced. 


Stylish Cost Calculator helps in generating more leads and sales. It makes an excellent first impression that lasts. Stylish Cost Calculator supports various mathematical formulas so no pricing model is too big and no calculation is too ambiguous. 


Stylish Cost Calculator can provide fast clarification on the options and associated expenses. It may take some time to set up properly, but once you have one, it will speed up the quote process. To help you get started, we offer ready-to-use templates. 


Sometimes, buyers don’t consider the cost of additional options while placing a customized order. It might result in disappointment. Stylish Cost Calculator brings clarity to your pricing and removes the need to send tons of emails to answer price-related queries. 


You’ll sell more shirts if you use our Stylish Cost Calculator. It’s an excellent way to inform your clients of all the expenses connected with a custom imprint. 

You can either start from scratch or edit one of our templates to set up your calculator. 

Yes! You can change font colours, and styles as well as add graphics to match the design with your website. 

Copy the shortcode and paste it onto the web page where you want your calculator to display. 

Yes! Our calculator allows you to pay through PayPal or Stripe without leaving the website. 

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