How to Quickly Build a Robust WordPress Payment Form

In this article, we’ll teach you how to use the Stylish Cost Calculator to set up payment forms for your WordPress website. These forms allow your users to visualize the cost of your products and services in realtime and make payments without leaving the page.
Simple order forms are the best option for small businesses on a tight budget. These order forms with payment option eliminate the need to install and customize a shopping cart. It’s the perfect cost and time-saving solution for new business owners, and casual bloggers who want to make money selling services, products, or merchandise.

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What Makes a Good WordPress Payment Form?

The most basic requirement of a WordPress order form is usability. A functional and simple order form makes it much easier for customers to make informed purchasing decisions by providing all the details such as product description, cost, hourly rate, etc., in the form itself. Many order forms you see on other WordPress websites are buggy, difficult to use, can’t calculate the cost in real-time, and look ugly. They put a blot on the brand image. Such order forms are often the reason for low conversion rates.
Simple and robust payment forms allow customers to:
Simple forms allow business
owners to:

his wishlist might seem pretty extensive, but modern WordPress form builder plugins such as SCC allow you to add all these features to your WordPress payment forms. Zero coding skills required!

Stylish Cost Calculator - The Only WordPress Payment Form Plugin You’ll Ever Need

Stylish Cost Calculator gives you everything you need for building a WordPress form with payment options. It has all the tools you need to grow your business, build a thriving email list, and give your customers a painless buying experience.

It has one-click load templates to get you going within minutes. Many consider it to be the fastest form builder out there. It’s compatible with major WordPress builders such as Elementor, WP Bakery, Divi, Beaver, etc.

You can add instructions and product descriptions in the form itself. Your customers can choose from products and services and make payments on the spot, without ever leaving the page to double-check the product description, price, or whether you offer bulk discounts.

You can include fields in the Stylish Cost Calculator to capture the name, email, and other contact data from the customers. This information will be stored permanently in the WordPress database.

Stylish Cost Calculator provides lots of customization options. You can add sliders, dropdown menus, toggle switches, checkboxes, and quantity input boxes to enhance your customers buying experience. And all you need to do to add and organize these features is drag-and-drop. It’s that easy.

The PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce integrations allow the customer to choose whatever payment option they’re comfortable with. The premium version has live currency-converter functionality to help you sell your products internationally.

The Stylish Cost Calculator is one of the most powerful WordPress form builders out there. Its features are first-of-a-kind in the market, so you might get stuck when using the tool. If you do, no problem! You can access video tutorials, user guides, and customer support on the SCC website.

How to Create an Online Order Payment Form with Stylish Cost Calculator

To create a WordPress form with payment options, just follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1:

Install SCC from the following link or search for Stylish Cost Calculator on your WordPress website using the “Add New Plugins” option. Choose to install the free or premium version and activate the plugin.

You can host the plugin on your website or install it to your site’s database directly through your site’s owner control panel. With the second option, you can manage the plugin through your WordPress dashboard.

Step 2:

Select option 1 to choose a form template. You can customize the Word order form to suit your business.
Select option 2 to build a simple order form from scratch. Add form fields, menu, buttons, sliders, checkboxes, etc. You now have a robust tool at your disposal that allows you to add as much functionality as you need.

Step 3:

List your products and services in the WordPress order form, write up their descriptions and costs, and offer bulk discounts. You can even add a field to accept coupon codes. You can include a button in the form to allow customers to request a quote via email if you don’t want to include a payment field. Click the “Refresh” button on the preview of the form on the right half of the screen to see changes.

Step 4:

With the premium version, you can create a simple order form with an online payment option. You can integrate PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce payment gateway plugins for online payments.

How to Integrate PayPal into SCC

Follow this tutorial to integrate the PayPal plugin into the SCC order form.

How to integrate Stripe into SCC

Follow this tutorial to integrate Stripe into SCC.

How to integrate WooCommerce into SCC

WooCommerce integration allows you to do more than just collect payments. This plugin allows you to ask your users to upload files, select a date, or whatever extra information you need to effectively deliver your service. Click here to watch the tutorial on integrating the WooCommerce plugin into Stylish Cost Calculator.

Simple Order Forms that Boost Sales

SCC is the perfect blend of simplicity and functionality. It removes all the guesswork from your customers’ minds. All the info they need to purchase from you is right in front of them. They can see the price change in front of their eyes as they select and deselect products and decide on the quantity of product or hours of service they need.

Online payments are made easy with email quotation and payment gateway integrations. PayPal and Stripe allow users to make credit card payments if they don’t have an account with them.

Don’t be amazed when you see your increased conversion rates. SCC removes all second-guessing and math from the purchase process.

You can build a WordPress form with payment options and collect the emails and contact info of your customers which you can use in marketing campaigns. In the form settings, you can change the font, color, enter currency and tax settings, and make tons of other tweaks.

Feel free to email us if you need additional help with setting up the SCC plugin on your WordPress website.

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