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August 2023

Introducing 6+ Enhanced Features! 🙌

Boost Your Calculator, Close More Deals & Elevate Your Business!


Form Conversion Analytics

Accurately monitor the effectiveness of your calculator forms, gaining valuable insights into customer interactions and overall conversion rates.

A/B test two landing pages, audiences or offers.

Armed with these data-driven insights, you can fine-tune your forms to boost engagements and conversions, driving your business to new heights of success.

Identify and address anomalies or UX design issues using these statistics. Continue reading to learn more.


Major Date Picker Update

We’ve supercharged our Date Picker element with a brand new GUI and a new set of settings, offering you, even more, control and customization over your date selection process.

  • Disable Specific Dates
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Dates
  • Set a Default Date


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Distance-Based Calculations

The distance-based calculation element automatically computes costs based on the distance covered (Google Maps API), ideal for services like deliveries or transport.

By inputting start and end points, users receive a precise cost estimate, streamlining billing processes and ensuring transparent pricing.


Stripe Subscriptions

The Stripe Subscriptions feature seamlessly integrates with your calculator form, allowing users to transition from one-time cost estimation to setting up monthly or yearly subscriptions directly.

Based on the total price calculated, users can effortlessly commit to regular payments, ensuring continuous service or product delivery.



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Manage Status Tags

A flexible and intuitive solution to keep track of your email quote forms at various stages of your business process. It allows you to create, modify, and delete status tags that best resonate with your workflow.

This dynamic feature enables better organization and improved tracking and fosters effective communication within your team. Keep everything streamlined and increase productivity by effectively managing your quote statuses.


Email Quote Open Tracker

A powerful feature designed to provide insights into the engagement level of your quotes. It enables you to track and monitor the open rate of your emailed quotes, effectively revealing how often your sent quotes are being viewed.

This data-rich feature can help you optimize your quote strategy, improve response rates, and enhance your customer communication process.


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