New Features & Plugin Updates


New Features: Jan 2021

New Features January 2021 Conditional Logic We finished adding conditional logic to all elements. It now includes comment boxes, number input boxes, slides, simple buttons and more. Read more Multiple

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New Features: Q4 2020

New features: multiple totals, conditional logic, checkbox print hint, GUI cleanup, new popup modal, image support, image & file upload, stripe payments, honey pot & Google Captcha, conditional logic, sliding scale.

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New Features: August 2019

Features added: PayPal integration, force email collection, preview your calculator, mandatory fields, language translation, fastest + performance increase.

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New Features: June 2019

We’ve listened to the feedback for new features, and have been working on them hard. We should have a stable version coming out by next week.  For those who want to try the beta now, simply reply and tell me you would like to try it and I’ll send you the zip file. It should be ready tomorrow sometime.

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Tips, Tricks & Use Cases


What is a WordPress Calculator Plugin?

What is a WordPress Calculator Plugin? A WordPress Calculator plugin allows a web designer or business owner to create an interactive price list, quote form or estimation form on their website. Cost to Purchase a WordPress Calculator Plugin? A Website

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