Lead & Quote Management

Lead Generation & Customer Relationships Management

How It Works

Capture leads. 

Manage your customer relationships.

It’s a straightforward system that lets you organize, manage, store and manage your quote entries and leads generated by your price estimation form (cost calculator).

What Can It Do?

We’re going to release it in three phases.

Phase 1 – Basic quote storing and lead management features. You can label each lead with different status codes to track where the prospect is in the buyer’s journey. (Current Phase)

Phase 2 – Date filter, better UI design, export all leads to CSV, custom lead status tags.

Phase 3 – Search and filter leads with conditional logic. This will make it easy for you to find the leads you’re looking for by searching for specific metrics. Color-coded lead status tags will make it visually easier to identify the priority of each lead.

How To Access The Leads?

What Does It Look Like?

Email Quote Builder (Custom Fields)

Add Your Fields

Discover the Use Cases

Assign Leads To Team Members

Provide access to the quote management screen so that team members can manage and update the status of leads assigned to them.

Stay On Top Of Your Leads

Entries can be labelled with a lead status code (New, Reached Out, Contacted, Qualified, Unqualified, Won, Lost). This way, you will be able to stay on top of your leads and contact those who need them.

To stay organized with your leads, they will be marked as read or unread.

For example, you can sort the list by project due date, to create this field in the email quote form.

Follow-Up Reminder

Be reminded to follow up with prospects by marking the lead status code as ‘follow-up required.’

Analytics & Reports

Use the search and filter feature to count, or export leads that match a set of conditions.

For example, all leads have a phone number with area code 416.

Highlight Your High-Priority Leads

Use the star feature to mark which leads are high-priority.

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