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Everything to know about this feature
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How it works

Stylish Cost Calculator is the perfect WordPress plugin to extend the functionality of your WooCommerce shop.

Stylish Cost Calculator will allow you to create a beautiful user interface for your users to customize their quotes & orders.

Once they’ve finished, they will click the add-to-cart button and be directed to Woocommerce check-out to complete the order.

Table of Contents

Product & Service Customizer

Create a beautiful user interface for your users to customize their orders.

sales and marketing

Sell Faster

Sell your products and services faster with our custom Cost Calculator plugin.

WooCommerce Quote Builder

A great WooCommerce Quote Builder plugin to add more control to your check-out process.

Upsell & Cross-sell

Control which products & services the user sees, giving you the opportunity to highlight complementary products and services.

How to integrate

Step 1.

Create a product in WooCommerce

– Set the price
– Set a product image
– Set the name

Step 2.

Activate the WooCommerce in your individual calculator (bottom of the page)

Step 3.

Select the dropdown in each element to link to an existing product in WooCommerce.

Use Cases

1. Custom services

First, have your users select their products and services with various elements (sliders, checkboxes, dropdown menus) then they press add-to-cart and get redirected to the Woocommerce check-out page, which contains all their selected products and services.

2. Manage proposals & Sales in one app

Stylish Cost Calculator linked with WooCommerce allows you to manage customers, leads, proposals and sales all in one area.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Stylish Cost Calculator comes with a quote and sales management dashboard that allows you to keep track of sales and the current stage a customer is in.

Both your pre-sales and after-sales invoices will show up here.

Dynamic Pricing

If you require a condition on the pricing (for example: If you purchase 10 units, you get 10% off) then you can do this with the help of an additional plugin.

**Bear in mind, that this will only work with our slider or dropdown elements. Sliders have the ability to change the per-unit price based on quantity, and dropdown elements have the ability to set a new price for each option in the dropdown.


You can choose how the custom math is displayed

Remember to ensure the price of the product in woocommerce matches the price of the item in the stylish cost calculator plugin. It’s your responsibility to make sure the prices match.

Remember that the price break feature of the slider will not work right away for woocommerce users. This is because the Add To Cart price will always be pulled from the price you set at the product price of the woocommerce product. You will need to purchase a third-party plugin for dynamic pricing to make it work. We recommend this one.

Remember to make sure the core woocommerce plugin is activated already before starting these steps.

WooCommerce Price Estimate Builder

Demo Video

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