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Variable Math

Everything to know about this feature
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The Variable Math element is great for products and services that require you to customize the math of a product or service using variables. For example: $productOne x $productTwo / 30.

Note:  You may want to read about our Custom Math element that is used for triggering fees/discounts, charging base fees, adding percentages to the end of your total, converting totals to monthly pricing, and much more.

Table of Contents

How to Use

There are several reasons why this plugin is the best in the market.

Step 1.

Enter the name of the entire element.

Example 1: Shipping Cost
Example 2: Women's Outfit Package

Step 2.

Enter the name of the entire service (or measurement)

Example 1: Length, Width, Height
Example 2: Shirt, Pants, Shoes

Step 3.

Enter the calculation formula

Example 1: Input1 x Input2 x Input3
Example 2: (Input1 + Input2 + Input3) * 0.20

Example 1 - Shipping Cost

Detailed List View

Example 2 - Clothing Outfit

Backend View

Example 2 - Clothing Outfit

Detailed List View


Use Cases

Shipping Rates

Fees based on length, width, and height of a shipping item.

Mortgage Calculator

Calculate a monthly fee.

Loan Calculator

Add an interest (percentage) to the number of days or months the user wants to borrow money. 


  1. WooCommerce Shipping Functionality – SCC will not pay the fee to a shipping option in WooCommerce. We recommend you use the shipping rate functionality of WooCommerce that is built-in.