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Conditional Logic

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What Is It?

Show only what matters Clean up long forms

Conditional logic for forms is a way to create forms that change based on input. You can configure fields to display or hide based on the user’s response to other fields. This allows you to tailor your form to the specific needs of your users.

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Which Elements Does It Work On?

Which Elements Does It Not Work On?

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What Are Some Use Cases?

Here are some of the resources and tools you will have access to as soon as you become a member of Prosper.

Keep Your Forms Short & Organized

You can prevent long forms on page load by hiding steps 2, 3, 4 behind step 1. For example, if a user needs to select a base service before moving on, you can hide the add-ons and extras behind a conditional logic.

Customized User Experience

Make your users feel as if their price estimate (quote) form is completely tailored to them. You can use Conditional Logic to display custom messages based on a user’s interaction with your online form, making the experience more personal and engaging.

Scenario-Based Fees

Suppose you charge a based fee (percentage, dollar amount) based on certain conditions (scenarios). For example, if the user chooses a premium service from a dropdown and wants to add a 10% fee to the total price. How? Do this by triggers the custom math element during a scenario.

Custom User Messages

Based on certain scenarios, you can trigger custom user messages to keep the users engaged, offer cross-sales, give instructions and more.
How? This will be available when we’re done developing our Raw Text element.

Request File Uploads

Based on certain scenarios you can trigger a file upload element to appear. Asking for a file or image upload.
How? This will be available when we finish adding conditional logic to our File Upload element.

How Do You Activate It?

Watch It In Action

Video: Custom Math + Conitional Logic

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