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Feature Description

Entice your visitors to enter their contact details with the Blur Total Price Feature of Stylish Cost Calculator. Create curiosity and boost conversions!

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

Lead generation

By blurring the total price of a cost calculator form, businesses can entice visitors to enter their contact details in order to access the full pricing information. This can help to generate leads and build a mailing list for future marketing efforts.


By using the Blur Total Price feature, businesses can encourage visitors to explore different pricing options and features in order to get a more accurate quote. This can increase the likelihood of upselling and add-on sales.


Blurring the total price can create curiosity and encourage visitors to explore the cost calculator form in more detail. This can help to engage visitors and make them more likely to convert.


By blurring the total price, businesses can test the effectiveness of different pricing strategies and see how visitors respond to different pricing options. This can help to optimize pricing and increase conversions over time.


👉 Overall, the Blur Total Price feature can be valuable for businesses looking to generate leads, increase upselling, create curiosity, and optimize their pricing strategies.

How It Works

How to Activate & Use This Feature

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Settings & Options

Go to your calculator settings and activate this feature

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