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Frontend Tool-Tips

Add Clarity & Guide Your Customers Through Your Services
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Feature Description

Tooltips are hints, glossary terms, or messages that appear when a visitor hovers over or taps (on mobile devices) an element on your WordPress website. Add a tooltip to your element title to provide additional information about a particular product or service.

Benefits & Features


Improved User Experience

Frontend tool-tips can provide immediate explanations or additional information for form fields, leading to a smoother and more intuitive user journey.

By preemptively clarifying common questions or potential confusions, businesses can decrease the volume of customer support inquiries.

Clear guidance through tool-tips can help customers complete forms more efficiently, potentially increasing the likelihood of them finalizing a purchase or inquiry.


Rich Media Integration

Allows the inclusion of images or icons within the tool-tip, providing a visually engaging way to convey information or instructions.

 Offers the flexibility to create distinct titles and detailed descriptions within each tool-tip, ensuring that the information is both relevant and easily digestible.

Enables the addition of actionable buttons within tool-tips, guiding users towards specific actions, such as learning more about a product or visiting a related page for additional information.

What Are Some Use Cases?

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Product Detail Clarification

Use tool-tips to offer detailed explanations or visual representations of specific product features, aiding customers in making informed decisions about customizations or variants.

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Instructional Guidance

Incorporate tool-tips to guide users through complex forms or calculations, using images and step-by-step text to simplify the process.

Promotional Engagement

Utilize CTA buttons within tool-tips to direct users to related offers, detailed product information, or promotional pages, thereby increasing the potential for upselling and customer engagement.

How It Looks

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How to activate this feature

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Step 1. Activate feature

In the advanced options of your element, activate the tooltip, and configure it to your liking. You can add a title, description, image, button with the information you want to display.

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