Grocery Store - Online Order Form

Grocery Store - Online Order Form

This is an example price calculator and order form for a farmers market or grocery store. You can import this template and customize it for your business.

All vegetables are organic and locally-sourced through the best farms.
Simple pleasures. Every day. We start with real ingredients and sometimes swerve in wildly decadent directions. Our elevated comfort food is dedicated to one thing: making you happy. Every day.
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This cost calculator order form helps customers configure their add-to-cart experience on WordPress.

Customizable options, including design, colour, and quantity, easily calculate the cost.

Features Used

Below is a list of features activated with this template by default.
When you buy the premium plugin, you can turn these settings on or off to suit your businesses’ needs.

Lead generation can be done by turning off the total price to force users to submit an email to receive their price estimation.  

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