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Multi-step Form

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Multi step form

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Feature Description

Would you like to split your form into multiple steps? With a multi-step calculator form (multi-page form) you can break long forms into smaller sections, improving user experience and making them less overwhelming.

It's different than conditional logic that shows/hides elements one at a time. With a multi-page form, you use the next button to progress the user down the journey of completing the form.

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

How It Works

How to Activate & Use This Feature

activate the multi step

Step 1. Click on the settings icon

To activate the multi-step, first click on the settings icon, on the top right section of the calculator builder. Then, click on the "Activate Multi-step" switch to turn it on.

👉 Note: You can only activate multi-step forms on the second, third, and later sections. You cannot activate it on the first section as it’s shown by default

Settings & Options

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1. Progress Bar

You can choose between 'Progress Dots With Title', 'Progress Bar Steps With Title', 'Progress Bar', or no progress bar.

Additional Information

Progress Bar Styles

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Progress Bar Steps With Title

1. Progress Bar Steps With Title

Progress Dots With Title

2. Progress Dots With Title

Progress Bar

3. Progress Bar

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