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Webhooks (Zapier, more)

Everything to know about webhooks. Connecting to Zapier and other syncing platforms.
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What is it?

Sync your calculator or payment form.

Endless possibilities.

Many businesses rely on manual processes, with staff rekeying data from one app into another, which is extremely inefficient. Through Zapier, you can connect the apps, pass the data automatically, save time and eliminate human error.

Table of Contents

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Common integrations

Which Data Gets Passed

Which Data Doesn't Pass

What are some Use Cases?

1. Quotes -> Google Sheets

Store all your leads into a Google Sheet

2. Quotes -> Email

Send the quote to different employees depending on certain conditions.

3. Contacts -> CRM

Add a new contact in your CRM. Tag them with the detail, quote details and more.

4. Lead -> Newsletter

Add a new lead into an email sequence (drip-feed) campaign and start feeding them emails to nurture the lead.

5. SMS Alert

Use the internal SMS function of Zapier or Integromat to send you an SMS every time a new quote or lead comes through.

6. Route to a Department

If Zapier detects that a certain service was selected in the quote, it can route the quote to the correct department via email.

Powerful Conditions

Use powerful conditions in your platform to unlock more magic.

Zapier Conditions

How do you activate it?

Enter your calculator and click Calculator Settings. 

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Video: Connecting Zapier

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