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Floating Itemized List
(Detailed List View)

A Complete Guide

Add an itemized list (detailed list) anywhere on your page to give your users a visual representation of their quote

Table of Contents

Watch It In-Action

How to Activate & Use This Feature

Settings & Options
Add this shortcode anywhere on your page [scc_calculator-detail idvalue=’1′]
*Note: Change for the ID of your calculator.

Tutorial Video

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

The instant total summary allows your users to keep their attention on completing the calculator form without having to travel to any other screen.

Floating List – Add the detailed list to a sticky sidebar to make it float as the user scrolls down the page

Increase Conversions – As your visitors are not distracted by other screens, they can focus on completing the form

Additional Information

Related Features
At this moment, you cannot customize the layout of this itemized list. However, you can use CSS to style it any way you want.