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SMS Quotes

A Complete Guide
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sms quotes

Feature Description

We're excited to introduce the latest feature for Stylish Cost Calculator: SMS Quotes. This innovative addition allows users to effortlessly send text messages once a quote and estimate form has been completed using the cost calculator. Now, staying connected and providing instant updates to your clients has never been easier or more convenient.

👉 This feature is brand new and in beta.

What Are Some Use Cases?

Unlock the Power of SMS Quotes

Real-Time Updates

Keep clients informed with instant SMS quotes and updates.

Seamless Communication

Effortlessly connect with clients through SMS quotes and messaging.

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Efficient Quoting Process

Simplify and accelerate quote generation with SMS quotes.

How It Works

Adding SMS Quotes Feature to Your Calculations in Three Steps

With the SMS Quotes feature, staying connected with your clients has never been easier. Enhance customer experience, improve response time, and close deals faster by integrating SMS notifications into your calculation process.

Head to the Global Settings page of your Stylish Cost Calculator

Step 1. Enable This Feature

First, head to the Global Settings page of your Stylish Cost Calculator and enable this feature.

Enter your Twilio API key and Twilio Account SID

Step 2. Enter your Twilio API key and Twilio Account SID

  1. Head to
  2. Copy and paste your Account SSID, API Key.

SMS Quotes step 3

Step 3. Enter your Phone number

Find your number and paste it into the Phone Number field of the Stylish Cost Calculator.

Note: Remove any brackets and dashes. The number should be +19095551234

Frequently asked questions

You can use Zapier or to receive alerts when a new text comes in from Twilio. Alternatively, you can utilize the 2-Way SMS dashboard screen within Stylish Cost Calculator to engage in a full 2-way conversation with the lead.

You can now reply to the lead directly from the Stylish Cost Calculator. You don’t need any other third-party SMS platforms. With this feature, Stylish Cost Calculator saves you an additional $30 per month, which is the typical cost of ClickSend and other SMS platforms.

At this time, you have the following options:

  • Email-only quotes
  • Email + SMS
  • SMS only (coming soon)
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