Currency Conversion

Everything to know about this feature.

How it works

Do you have user’s from other countries using your cost calculator? Show your prices in their currency to decrease your bounce rate and increase your sales.

Table of Contents

What does it look like?

What are some Use Cases?

Selling Globally

Make your pricing more clear by showing the price in your user’s currency. This will decrease bounce rates and increase conversions.

How to Activate Currency Conversion

Option 1 - Select a Currency

Select: This option will always convert your main currency to the secondary one. Regardless of where the visitors are originating from. Users will see both the primary and secondary currencies.

Option 2 - Automatically Detect Local

Auto-detect: Will use the user’s current location to automatically detect their currency and convert it in (brackets) beside your main currency. Users will see both the primary and secondary currencies.

Are there any limitations?

Not customizable

The Currency Conversion feature is not customizable. It automatically pulls the data from the international exchange rate database in real-time.