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Typeform vs Jotform: Choosing the Right Tool for Your Online Forms

A Comprehensive Comparison with a Surprising Twist

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Today’s marketing teams must engage audiences. They must provide interactive elements on their pages. Surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires will boost engagement and encourage viewers to learn more about your company. 

Jotform and Typeform are two leaders in form creation. They are both recommended resources that can help marketers create interactive elements. But which should you use to make your projects more engaging?

This article conducts a Jotform vs. Typeform analysis. We will review both choices so you can decide which you should embed in your projects.

Typeform vs Jotform Overview

Typeform and Jotform are programs that help users create engaging experiences. They can create form submissions for feedback, research, or lead generation. They can also create Google forms, surveys, and quizzes.


The programs have various features that are used to produce similar results. Users can choose the best online form builder for their needs based on ease of use, customization options, functionality, and desired results.

Jotform advertises itself as the “easiest online form-builder”. You can use the form-building functionalities to create forms in minutes without coding. You can personalize forms with an interesting layout, logos, colors, and fonts.


Users can integrate forms with business apps. Forms can be sent to email marketing services, cloud storage apps, CRMs, project management boards, and more. The program works with over 400 integrations.


Jotform also allows you to collect payments and donations seamlessly through your forms.

Key features of Jotform include:

Jotform’s unique selling points include:

Typeform is a top alternative to Jotform. It offers forms that are designed to get more data for optimized Google analytics. The platform’s attractive designs help companies stand out. They allow businesses to gain deeper, smarter insight that they can use to grow their companies.

The platform simplifies the data collection process. You can use their templates to create customized surveys, collection question-at-a-time forms, and questionnaires. You can integrate the platform with your favorite apps to save time and optimize your data.

You can share links to your forms on your websites, emails, and landing pages. The platform also provides analytics so you can review your results and see which forms are performing best.

Key features of Typeform include:

Tyepform’s unique selling points include:

Typeform vs Jotform: Side-by-Side Comparison

Jotform vs Typeform Usability

Jotform has a simple menu and drag-and-drop features that make it easy to use. However, it has so many features, it can get overwhelming.

Typeform does not have drag and drop, but its intuitive platform provides optimal usability.

Jotform vs Typeform Customization

Both Typeform and Jotform offer superior customization. They offer features like customizable branding, fields, questions, and templates.


Typeform does not offer the customizable reports Jotform provides, but it allows users to customize domains.

Typeform vs Jotform Integrations

Both platforms integrate with various apps and services. However, Jotform offers over 400 integrations. Typeform only offers 300+ integrations.


Typeform and Jotform both integrate with the most popular email and business platforms. However, Jotform integrates with more payment platforms. It also offers built-in integrations with AWeber, GetResponse, and Campaign Monitor.

Jotform vs Typeform Pricing

Here’s a sneak peek at the platforms’ pricing structures.

Free plan

Bronze or Basic Plans

Silver or Plus Plans

Gold or Business Plans

Feature Jotform Typeform Stylish Cost Calculator
Drag and Drop builder yes no yes
Conversational Forms yes yes yes
Types of Web Forms Conversational forms Traditional Forms Conversational forms Conversational forms Traditional Forms
Form Templates yes yes yes
Data analysis, charts, and graphs no no yes
Export to PDF yes no yes
Advanced Features Conditional Logic, Calculations, Multiple Outcomes, Hidden fields Conditional Logic, Calculations, Multiple Outcomes, Hidden fields Conditional Logic, Calculations, Multiple Outcomes, Hidden fields
Interactive Cost Calculator (conversion booster) no no yes
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Typeform vs. Jotform Customer Testimonials


“We use pretty much everything in Jotform Enterprise. Its versatility and ease of use is what sold us (on it). Normally I’ll get a request and it literally takes me five minutes to create the forms; even with more complex forms, it doesn’t take a long time to produce.”

Now that we have Jotform- and ticket tracking ability, our reporting on customer data is much better. We’ve improved our support mechanisms by building tools around the most discussed Sonance products; the ones that need fixing or are the most consistent.”


“Typeform has been a great tool to use for dedicated purposes; it is easy to subscribe when needed and then stop the subscription for a while. The customer service team is very flexible and helpful.”

“I love how nice looking the forms are. Beautifully designed forms encourage more people to fill them out,”

Introducing the Stylish Cost Calculator

While both Typeform and Jotform excel in form building, neither fulfills the need for cost calculation forms. The Stylish Cost Calculator is an ideal solution. Its interactive elements make it the perfect complement for Jotform and Typeform applications. 


The Stylish Cost Calculator transforms static pricing into an interactive experience. Similar to Typeform and Jotform, it boosts customer engagement. But it offers unique functionalities.

Here are the features it offers:

Use Cases and Applications

Jotform and Typeform Formbuilder

Here are some cases and applications that both services offer:

Service Businesses

Branding and Marketing

Hiring and Onboarding

Stylish Cost Calculator

The stylish cost calculator can optimize service in the following practical applications:

Sales and Marketing

Operational Efficiency

Improved User Experience

Witness the Power of Stylish Cost Calculator Live!

Conclusions and Recommendations

Jotform and Typeform are recommended platforms for companies that want to create engaging, interactive digital content.  When considering Jotform vs Typeform, Typeform offers more design features while Jotform offers advanced functionality. Choose the best form builder for your business needs.


No matter which you choose, the Stylish Cost Calculator can enhance the user experience. It offers price estimates so customers know what they’re getting into before they buy. It boosts conversions and engagement and reduces bounce rates.


But don’t take our word for it. Try all three products and let us know what you think. Check out the links and share your experiences below.

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