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Bulk Quantity Discounts
& Sliding Scale Pricing

What you need to know about this feature
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Table of Contents

Feature Description

The Slider element has four different modes for pricing structure: default pricing, bulk quantity price breaks and sliding scale and quantity modifier. This guide provides examples of how each mode can be implemented to effectively adjust pricing strategies based on quantity or scale, catering to different sales and marketing needs.

What Are Some Use Cases?

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Flexibility in Pricing

Allows businesses to adjust prices based on the quantity purchased, encouraging larger orders.

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Increased Sales

Offering a lower price or a reduced price for multiple purchases will increase the likelihood that customers will want to purchase more to take advantage of the deal from the company.

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Motivating customers to buy more items

By offering a lower price per unit for larger orders, you motivate people to buy more. Also known as Buy More Save More.

How It Works

How to Activate & Use This Feature

1. Default Pricing

For simple pricing. Between 1 and 10 = $100 (per-unit price).

Default mode
Activate This Setting
Example 👉 4 Units = $400 (total price)

2. Bulk Pricing Discounts

Used to calculate and display discount pricing for products or services offered in bulk, such as business cards, tickets, food orders, or subscription-based services. It encourages users to purchase more items and increases sales by showing per-unit cost savings.

bulk pricing
Activate This Setting
  • Between 1 and 5 = $50 (per-unit price)
  • Between 6 and 10 = $45 (per-unit price)
  • Between 11 and 20 = $45 (per-unit price)


Example 👉 4 Units = $400 (total price)

3. Sliding Scale

Change a flat fee based on a range.

sliding scale
Activate This Setting
  • Between 1 and 10 = $100 (flat price)
  • Between 11 and 20 = $200 (flat price)
  •  Between 21 and 30 = $300 (flat price)


Example 👉 15 Units =$200 (total price)

4. Quantity Modifier

When you want a slider to modify the quantity selected of a dropdown, checkbox, image button or other element in the same subsection.

Quantity modifier
Activate This Setting

👉 Note: all pricing modes act as a quantity modifier. If you don’t want this, place your slider in its own subsection.

General Notes

Regarding the Slider Element

The slider will multiply the price of any element in the same subsection. It may best to add the slider on a separate subsection for your pricing.

The price has to follow an order. Example: 1 to 10 = $10 per unit. 11 to 20 = $9.5 per unit.

How to Switch Pricing Structure

How to Add the Pricing Ranges

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