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Checkbox, Toggle Switches & Simple Buttons

Checkboxes, Toggle Switches and Simple Buttons are elements that we are all very familiar with and in Stylish Cost Calculator they work exactly the same way as you would expect them to work.

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Watch It In-Action

How to Activate & Use This Feature

To add simple buttons, toggles, switches and radio buttons, click on the "+ Add Element" button
Then, click on "Checkbox"
Or click on "Simple Button"

Settings & Options

You might want to setup a Title, just for internal reference. This will help you identify your elements, when creating large forms.
With the "Input Box Style" you can change the element appearance and element type.
We recommend you to explore all the options to find an element that better fit your needs.
Here you can edit and/or add more items
With the advanced options, you can make this element mandatory, enable a price hint for customers to live preview the price, the responsive options and you can also set a number of columns for the checkbox elements.

Benefits, Features & Use Cases

You can use these simple elements to control and are some flexibility on your calculators, allowing your customers to easily navigate and try multiple options or variants of your products/service and get many quotes before they purchase it.

Checkbox Use Cases:

Toggle Switches:

Simple Buttons:

Additional Information


1. Circle & Square Checkboxes – more than one is allowed
2. Simple Buttons – more than one option is allowed
3. Toggle Switches – more than one option is allowed
4. Radio Buttons – only one option is allowed
5. Image Buttons – more than one option is allowed

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