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10 Benefits of having a Website Cost Calculator

Increase conversions, and drive growth with a website price calculator

A website cost calculator can play an important role in automating the billing process on your website. It also brings you more traffic and promotes growth. But does it increase sales or build buyers’ trust? The simple  answer is, ‘Yes, it does.’

Have you ever had a salesperson respond to a price inquiry with something like,”It’s complicated?”Or, “We need to schedule a sales meeting?” Going through a 2-hour vacuum sales pitch is very much like running in a theme park with dinosaurs chasing you. (Yikes!)

Several businesses report great success in building trust with customers if the prices of their products are communicated beforehand. For example, Uber reported better customer satisfaction when they introduced an upfront pricing model. The customers knew the cost of their trip upfront and there were no surprises when it was time to pay. Similarly, a Forbes article, reported a Harvard research that revealed how transparent and upfront pricing can increase sales in the e-commerce sector. If you wish to achieve more transparency and clarity in your pricing, there’s no better tool than a calculator for a website. 

They’re quite similar to the price lists used by potential customers to estimate the cost, but better, because they’re not a spreadsheet, they’re an online app. WordPress website calculators can assist a wide range of businesses, including digital marketing, maintenance, loans, and leases, building services, publicity services, mobile maintenance, furniture manufacturing, home goods selling, window installation, function management, printing, freight transport, taxis, and many others. This means that whether you are a service provider or a seller, you can benefit from website calculators like the Stylish Cost Calculator.

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Benefits of Cost Calculators on Website

The following are the benefits of website price calculators.

1. Improves Conversions

Convert more visitors into leads with a website calculator.

Online calculators improve conversions by increasing engagement and providing the pricing information clearly and quickly. When a visitor lands on your website, the most important information that could convert her is an affordable price. A plugin like Stylish Cost Calculator can help you achieve that. 

A Hubspot study reveals that personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads. If you use an online calculator as a CTA, you communicate that you want to solve their problem and not just sell your product. Moreover, this doesn’t require visitors to make any commitment. This not only improves your brand value but also gets you high conversions.

2. Better User Experience

Understand your users’ pain points to create a better user experience

The advanced functionality of an online calculator makes a site versatile and user-friendly.If you use an online calculator, your items and services appear more exclusive to potential buyers. After all, they are given the option of selecting the necessary services on their own and receiving a personalized total estimate. A consumer can use a calculator to evaluate items and choose the best alternative so that he knows how much a product will cost in his specific scenario.

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3. Improves SEO

Drive quality traffic to your website by clarifying your pricing.

Did you know that using online calculators can help you improve your search engine ranking and increase website traffic? They support a wide range of functionality and business needs. When website users spend more time on a page, the bounce rate decreases and the site’s behavioral metrics considerably improve. You may increase organic traffic by carefully choosing keywords for website pages that include an online calculator. 

4. Makes your Pricing Transparent

Upfront pricing information improves customers' confidence and increases sales.

An online calculator will help to reduce the number of superfluous price questions and save up time for additional work on the purchase. A consumer can go ahead and select the items they want to buy on their own and obtain the total in a matter of minutes. This helps to avoid utilizing set offers while offering clients a flexible cost calculation.

5. Provide Insights into Customers' Behaviors

Use incomplete responses to gain more insight into your users.

You can view the unfinished responses of people who started to fill out your forms, answered a few of your questions, and left. You can easily identify behavior patterns, find out what makes people click away, gather more data and capture lost leads. Use these insights to improve your projects and conversion rates in future. 

6. Increase Engagement

Capture the attention of your audience with an eye-catching calculator

A visually appealing calculator on your website piques consumers’ interest by providing them with up-to-date and reliable facts on items, services, cost, travel, and distribution. Each of these things helps guests interact with your web content and  make smarter decisions that lead to purchases. For example, you have a marketing and web design agency. The major call to action on your homepage invites visitors to view your portfolio, displaying projects in social media, graphic design, website development, e-commerce website, website maintenance, and landing pages. Consider it from a visitor’s point of view. Perhaps they want to learn more about your services or price. In that scenario, a price calculator as a secondary CTA is a fantastic option to avoid drop-offs and assist visitors to go down the funnel.

7. Increase Lead Generation

Generate leads in exchange for calculator results.

WordPress website cost calculators are valuable tools that can assist your readers in solving a problem or answering a question. The additional features allow your viewers to submit their email addresses to receive the calculator’s results. Send calculator values and result summaries through email. Add graphics, and attachments to make it more attractive. As they are very simple and do not require a third-party tool, WordPress calculator plugins are quickly becoming one of the most effective online methods for growing your email list. 

8. Scale back on the number of online questions.

Let your visitors find the pricing information themselves.

Website calculators significantly reduce the number of non-goal inquiries while increasing the number of orders through the platform. Visitors who opt to buy the items or services will most likely need a calculator to figure out the total cost. The best part is that you and your support team won’t have to spend hours on the phone debating about the costs of your products. 

9. Saves Time

Reduce customer service response time with website calculators.

The most critical aspect of good customer service is a quick response time. How rapidly do you respond to your clients? It is also worth noting that most of the queries from customers are price-related. You can shorten the response time to price-related queries through WordPress calculators. If your target customers know the price of your product or service immediately, they are more likely to make a quick purchase decision. 

10. Reduce clutter on your website

Maintain beautiful websites while providing all the important information.

A cluttered website reflects a poor web design that distracts and drives your audience away. Let us explain it with an analogy. When you want to catch your target fish, you choose the right bait, the right place, and the right time to catch it. You want the bait to be enticing and displayed clearly. For online customers, the greatest bait is appropriate pricing. If you display it wide and clear as a part of website design for your audience to see, there’s nothing that can stop conversions. 

Online calculators help you to do that. Display the pricing clearly on your business website for your potential customers and achieve your growth targets. 


Key Take Away

A versatile website calculator is a great tool to promote conversions. Billing operations on your WordPress website can be automated by promptly providing the cost of your items and services. Your consumers can use your website to create an immediate quote form. Connecting your calculator to PayPal, Stripe, or Woocommerce can eliminate all of the legwork. Payments can be simply accepted through a variety of sources. 


Use a website calculator today for better growth and improved sales.

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