Frontend Styles & Template Skins

Keep your website and brand looking modern, clean and organized.

How it works

Choose between different template skins to find the best one for your company’s brand image and overall goals.

Table of Contents

Frontend Style 1

This style gives you responsive options (found in the advanced options menu).

Frontend Style 2

This style places the titles on top of the element while making the element full width.

Frontend Style 3

To make it easier for developers to build their own calculator style, we will develop a frontend skin that contains only CSS classes and no styling. As a result, the calculator form can be styled according to your preferences by using CSS classes.

Notecurrently in development and will be ready July 2022.

Frontend Style 4

Calculator form style 4 has a modern touch that wraps the element title in a borderline. 

Note: currently in development and will be ready October 2022.

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