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Sliding Scale Fee Calculator

Charge a flat rate for each price range for your products or services.

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Do you offer customizable products or services on WordPress and use a sliding scale fee pricing structure?

Stylish Cost Calculator, a WordPress plugin has a slider element with three different modes for pricing structure. Default pricing, bulk quantity price breaks and sliding scale. Please read below for examples for each.

Real-life Examples and Use Cases:

  1. Fitness centers and gyms: Offering membership plans based on income or frequency of use, allowing more people to access their services.

  2. Professional services: Consultants, therapists, and coaches can use sliding scale fees based on the client’s income, ensuring accessibility for a wider range of clients.

  3. Workshops and classes: Instructors can provide tiered pricing for their courses based on the participant’s ability to pay.

How to Implement the Sliding Scale Fee Feature:

  1. Install and activate the Stylish Cost Calculator plugin on your WordPress website.
  2. Create a new cost calculator form or edit an existing one.
  3. In the form editor, click the “Add Element” button and select “Slider” from the list of options.
  4. Choose Sliding Scale as the slider mode.
  5. Customize the sliding scale by setting minimum and maximum values, increments, and labels.
  6. Link the sliding scale to relevant products or services in the form by assigning appropriate price multipliers or discounts.
  7. Save the calculator
  8. Then, embed it on your website using the provided shortcode.

Live Demo of Sliding Scale

Sliding Scale Fee Calculator (Example)
Please choose an option !
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3 Pricing Modes

1. Default Pricing

Between 1 and 10 = $100 (per unit price)

     4 Units =$400 total price

2. Bulk Quantity Discounts

Between 1 and 5 = $50 (per unit price)
Between 6 and 10 = $45(per unit price)
Between 11 and 20 = $45 (per unit price) 

8 Units =$360 (total price)

3. Sliding Scale

Between 1 and 10 = $100 (flat price)
Between 11 and 20 = $200 (flat price) 
Between 21 and 30 = $300 (flat price)

15 Units = $200 (total price)


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