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Translation Feature

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Feature Description

Tailor your forms to speak your customer's language with our Frontend Word Translation feature. This intuitive tool empowers you to modify text, adjust button labels, and make numerous other changes, all from the convenience of your backend dashboard.

How It Works

How to Activate & Use This Feature


Step 1. Activate this feature

You can access this feature by clicking "Translations" on the upper menu in your calculator settings dashboard.

Settings & Options

Frontend Words

On the left, Frontend Words are the default words.

Frontend Words

New Words/Translations

On the right, New Words/Translations are the custom translations to replace Frontend Words

New Words Translations

Add new translations

You can add new translations by clicking on the "+ Add New Translate" button

add new translations

Delete translations

You can delete translations by hovering over the field and clicking the "X" box

Additional Information

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