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Win more deals by quoting faster and more accurately

Automate your quoting process by capturing all your complicated product, pricing, and business rules in a calculator form

  Sales are hard, but quoting should be simple.

You can say goodbye to complicated and lengthy quoting processes, or searching for prices on spreadsheets, when you use Stylish Cost Calculator.

Your sales team can create quotes more quickly and efficiently with a CPQ (Configure – Price – Quote) calculator form.

You can even let your website visitors calculate their price, savings, ROI, and request an instant quote all by themselves! Streamline complex product sales online to drive revenue growth and profitability.  


Your customers or employees can use a calculator form to quote customers faster over the phone or email.

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Quick & accurate quotes

 You can create accurate quotations in minutes after putting your business logic into a calculator.

Get rid of complex input forms. Ask for the relevant inputs only based on conditional logic.

Your sales reps can spend more time closing deals when they pull their data from a central datasheet.  

Automate processes

 Using (Configure – Price – Quote) will improve the overall buying experience for your customers.

Quotes are only the beginning of the process.

It is designed to be easily integrated with your entire sales tool stack. We integrate our software natively with Hubspot, Google Sheets, MailChimp, and Stripe. Zapier lets you connect our software to over 1,000 other apps.

This feature allows you to automate your sales funnel by connecting to your CRM, creating pdf-quotes, and making a direct sale.  

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And more


Stylish Cost Calculator is the Swiss army knife for building ROI and savings calculators. See our product page and get inspired to start building.

Collect leads

Trade your final price for the user's contact information. You can achieve this by adding an Email Quote button to the calculator form.

✓ Achieve this by hiding the Total Price.
This is found under the calculator settings.

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Powerful integrations

Integrate with your favorite CRM or marketing tool through Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly and much more.

Automate business processes for increased scalability.

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Powerful calculations

✓ Create bundle discounts
✓ Trigger fees
✓ Trigger discounts

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Collect payments

Use one or more of the integrations below to collect payments on the spot.

PayPal Integration
Stripe Integration
WooCommerce Integration

Clean-up long forms
(conditional logic)

Organize the process in multiple steps or only show elements that are relevant.

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Coding isn't required

You don't have to have technical skills to create and deploy your calculator.

What they say

Currently there are 2,000+ live calculators that helped our customers capture many quotes.

People have been telling us since 2019 how Stylish Cost Calculator (for WordPress) has helped them capture more orders, faster. Here are some of the highlights.

"I was looking for a quote generating plugin, but struggled to find one that matched my needs - I found Stylish Cost Calculator on Google and was able to try it before purchasing... I purchased within 24hrs of trying the demo! Lots of excellent features not usually found in other plugins like this - and it's constantly evolving with more features being added often, As a quoting tool I totally recommend this product."

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"Easy to add and easy to set up, Simple if you want it to be or clever if you want to get more complicated. Works well with mobile. Any issues and the support was there straight away. Highly recommend."

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Are you looking to add a cost calculator to your WordPress website today?

Try Stylish Cost Calculator for Free

asked questions

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. Traditional CPQ software is designed to help sales teams to quickly produce accurate quotes.

CPQ software is perfect for automating product pricing for customisable products. With ConvertCalculator, you can even put the quote request form directly on your website.

Let’s illustrate the value of CPQ with a simple example buying a new car. From the brochure you get a quick feel of the many options available, like engine, color, accessories, model, insurance, and many more. CPQ software can factor in all these options, and provide the customer and your sales rep with accurate quotes on a real-time basis for every single option that is added or deleted over the base price.

CPQ software is crucial for companies that sell products or services that have a variable pricing model. You can quote faster and with more accuracy to win more deals and increase sales.

There are multiple reasons to use lightweight CPQ software:

  1. Reduces wasted time
    CPQ helps B2B and B2C organisations to optimise their sales efficiency. With the help of CPQ, your sales team can work smarter and more efficiently. A price quote calculator directly on your website will boost your hot leads, which will further drive your sales.

  2. Improves Quote Accuracy
    A price quote calculator ensures that only the latest approved pricing and discount rules are applied. This eliminates common quoting errors, that often happen because a cell wasn’t updated in your spreadsheet. Human errors like missing information or the wrong entry can also lead to lost sales. Ensuring automatic compliance with business rules, your sales team can benefit from the increased confidence in the numbers they quote.

  3. Improves transparency
    The key feature of CPQ software is that comparisons become much simpler, which helps accelerate the sales process. Moreover, a CPQ price quote calculator can help to determine the expected ROI and provide a backbone for minimising discounting.

  4. Helps to win more deals
    Price is one of the main components in the buying decision. It is difficult to provide a quick and accurate price quote for complex products or services. A CPQ-price quote calculator, that helps website visitors configure the product of service themselves, increases transparency and can boost your sales by up to 200%.

Traditional CPQ-software is often heavy enterprise software. Meaning that it takes a lot of time and effort to set up, the software lacks flexibility, is complex to use and therefore not suited to be used by your customers directly, and last of all it is expensive. Also good-luck finding a quote for traditional CPQ-software online. Most vendors rather not disclose the costs upfront.

Our lightweight CPQ solution has none of these disadvantages. Our software is highly flexible, possible to set up yourself (easy things are easy and complex things are possible). It’s easy to use so you can put your quote calculator directly on your website. Lastly, our pricing is affordable and transparent.

We acknowledge that a lightweight solution can come short on functionalities that some traditional solutions offer. We are confident that, sidestepping the complex applications, 80% of CPQ use-cases can be done with Stylish Cost Calculator.

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