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Use a Cost Calculator Form As

A Lead generator

Turn more leads into customers with a lead generation calculator form
lead generation

Capture more leads

Get more leads by creating an engaging experience that demonstrates the true value of your product.

Focus on your brand

The calculator integrates seamlessly into your current website. You can also customize style and layout for complete control.

Get leads in your inbox

Every time a lead is captured, you will receive an email. Because all the data is there, you can make an awesome follow up.


Build any type of lead generation form

Build any type of lead capture calculator form your business needs. Here some examples of what kind of lead capture tools you can build

Lead Generation example

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Additional Features
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Additional Work
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And more


Stylish Cost Calculator is the Swiss army knife for using a price estimator as a lead generator.

Collect leads

Trade your final price for the user's contact information. You can achieve this by adding an Email Quote button to the calculator form.

✓ Achieve this by hiding the Total Price.
This is found under the calculator settings.

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Powerful integrations

Integrate with your favorite CRM or marketing tool through Zapier, Integromat, Pabbly and much more.

Automate business processes for increased scalability.

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Powerful calculations

✓ Create bundle discounts
✓ Trigger fees
✓ Trigger discounts

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Collect payments

Use one or more of the integrations below to collect payments on the spot.

PayPal Integration
Stripe Integration
WooCommerce Integration

Clean-up long forms
(conditional logic)

Organize the process in multiple steps or only show elements that are relevant.

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Coding isn't required

You don't have to have technical skills to create and deploy your calculator.

What they say

Currently there are 2,000+ live calculators that helped our customers capture many quotes.

People have been telling us since 2019 how Stylish Cost Calculator (for WordPress) has helped them capture more orders, faster. Here are some of the highlights.

"I was looking for a quote generating plugin, but struggled to find one that matched my needs - I found Stylish Cost Calculator on Google and was able to try it before purchasing... I purchased within 24hrs of trying the demo! Lots of excellent features not usually found in other plugins like this - and it's constantly evolving with more features being added often, As a quoting tool I totally recommend this product."

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"Easy to add and easy to set up, Simple if you want it to be or clever if you want to get more complicated. Works well with mobile. Any issues and the support was there straight away. Highly recommend."

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Ready to capture more leads?

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Frequently asked questions

Common Lead Generation Software Questions

The process of converting website visitors into potential customers (people interested in purchasing your company’s product or service) is known as lead generation. To generate leads effectively, you usually need lead generation software. When creating a website for your company, you will undoubtedly be concerned with its marketing potential. As a result, your primary focus will be on improving the way you generate leads. Fortunately, our lead generation software can be used to effectively capture leads.

There are numerous methods for generating leads, which are generally classified as either outbound or inbound marketing. Outbound marketing refers to more traditional marketing methods such as radio and television advertisements. It is frequently regarded as obnoxious and heavy-handed, with the material frequently regarded as an interruption.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, aims to create content that draws people directly to your company through more subtle means.

This interest can then be converted into engagement and sales since leads have a genuine interest in your company or product.

By including a calculator form on your website, you can immediately engage potential customers in the service you offer. The direct engagement provided by a lead generation calculator form prompts leads to take additional action on your website.

What’s more, SCC can assist you in accomplishing this. For example, the calculator form lets you add a field that encourages leads to enter their email address for more information. This process assists in naturally converting strangers into customers by allowing them to actively participate in the potential that your product can provide them.

Not only that, but it also looks nice! Consider the possibility of promoting the use of your calculator (or lead capture form) via various social media channels. You must ensure that it works properly on a wide range of devices.

Thanks to the fact our lead generation software integrates with Zapier, you can make use of the calculator in combination with over 1000 apps. This means such things as integration with email; the creation of rich PDF documents with Ultrdox; data capture in Google Spreadsheets; and even have applications such as Slack notify you in the event that a new lead has been captured.

In addition to this, our lead capture tool also integrates with such things as HubSpot’s CRM tools. By integrating your calculator with the CRM tools HubSpot offers, you can make sure to document the contact and deal information of any potential leads.