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#1 WordPress Price Quote Plugin


Estimation Form on WordPress

Are you interested in upgrading your user’s experience, skyrocketing conversions while maintaining a clean, stylish website?

With Stylish Cost Calculator, you can build an attractive instant quote on your website, with zero coding.
Now your users can visualize the cost of your products or services while they’re browsing your site.

Live Preview Free vs Pro

Help your users visualize your prices

Increase sales, decrease bounce rates

You can add sliders, dropdowns & checkboxes that your customers can then utilize by inputting their own unique information to receive a customized quote (which can easily be printed or sent to an email address). Turn buttons off or on, force users to give an email before seeing the price, and much much more!

cost estimator wordpress plugin

Rare Features

Below is a list of rare features that are not common with other website cost calculators for WordPress.

website cost calculator bulk pricing

Bulk Pricing

The ability to have different
prices based on quantities.

website cost calculator drag and drop

Drag & Drop

Organize your products/services
for better organizing your lists.

website cost calculator woocomerce

Woocommerce Integration

Have visitors buy your products or services, immediately.

Currency Conversions

Do you sell products globally? Automatically convert your prices in real-time.

website cost calculator custom math

Custom Math

Allows for extra control over your prices. Add variables to affect the ending total, if you need to. Learn more

website cost calculator itemized summaries

Itemized Summaries

Give your users a formal looking quote that the can email, print or save.

Who Is This For?

Any small business with a pricing structure.
Some examples, but not limited too, are:

• T-Shirt Printing Shops
• Photographers
• Graphic & Website Designers
• Printing Shops
• SEO Agencies
• Hosting Companies
• Retail & Small Businesses

• Car Rental Agencies
• Venue Rentals
• Printing Shops
• Massage Studios
• Spas & Salons
• Hosting Companies
• Much more!

Frontend Elements

Here is what you can do with this cost calculator plugin.


Quantity Input Box

Quantity Input Box is great if you
sell a large quantity of a product/service.



Dropdowns are great to force a user to be
only allowed to select one item in that category.



Range slider is a very intuitive user interface with one handle
to allow users to choose a value within a limited range.


Toggle Switches

Toggle switches are the same as
checkboxes but styled differently.



Checkboxes are great for listing multiple
options for your products or services.


WordPress Calculator Plugin

User friendly back-end

Unlike other WordPress Cost Calculators that make you enter in math and variables and make you use confusing WordPress widgets to build your first cost calculator, our plugin is very easy to use and all managed in one simple back-end panel.


Other WordPress Cost Calculators are hard to install on the page. However, with Stylish Cost Calculator plugin you can simply just copy and past the given short-code into any page.


Quickly change your font size, color and font style. You also have the option of changing the color of your titles, slider, checkboxes and drop-down menus.

One-Click Demos

Easily get started today with your project today by choose from one of our 8+ demos . This automatically loads all the data demo is a simple one click without the need of loading XML files.


Stylish Cost Calculator has the unique features of allowing users to change between 5+ check-box and radio box styles.


Your website will look modern and professional with some of the animated features we offer. Example: when users click on a checkbox or radio button. You may choose to turn this off.

More features

Speed & Performance Optimized

Users can email & print quotes

Users can view detailed & itemized price breakdown

Bulk pricing discount calculations

Comparing Free vs Premium
Unlimited elements + Drag & Organize
Unlimited elements + Drag & Organize
Unlimited elements + Drag & Organize
One-click pre-made templates
One-click pre-made templates
One-click pre-made templates
Compatible with Elementor, WP Bakery, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder
Compatible with Elementor, WP Bakery, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder
Compatible with Elementor, WP Bakery, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder
Translate to any language
Translate to any language
Translate to any language
Quote: Detailed List (Web)
Quote: Detailed List (Web)
Quote: Detailed List (Web)
Quote: Print to PDF
Quote: Print to PDF
Quote: Print to PDF
Quote: Email PDF to Client & Admin
Quote: Email PDF to Client & Admin
Quote: Email PDF to Client & Admin
Coupon: Generate coupon codes for customers to apply to the front-end and quote estimates.
Coupon: Generate coupon codes for customers to apply to the front-end and quote estimates.
Coupon: Generate coupon codes for customers to apply to the front-end and quote estimates.
Real-time currency conversion
Real-time currency conversion
Real-time currency conversion
Paypal Integration (15 Seconds Setup)
Paypal Integration (15 Seconds Setup)
Paypal Integration (15 Seconds Setup)
Woocommerce Integration (15 Seconds Setup)
Woocommerce Integration (15 Seconds Setup)
Woocommerce Integration (15 Seconds Setup)
Basic Support
Basic Support
Basic Support
Premium Support: Get help to setup your calculator for a one-time $80 fee
Premium Support: Get help to setup your calculator for a one-time $80 fee
Premium Support: Get help to setup your calculator for a one-time $80 fee
wordpress custom calculator plugin

Keep your site looking modern, pro, fast and secure

Take action today and separate yourself from your competitors by not only giving yourself more control over your website but also your clients more control over their purchase.


WordPress Calculators

Changes & New Features


WordPress Price Quote Plugin

Using WordPress Calculator Plugin (Cost Calculator in WordPress)  can be a very useful tool to add to your online site. It can make things easier for you because it will show you what the value of each item is before you make the purchase. However, this does not mean that you should never have to actually spend money on your products. If you do not make a sale, or the actual value of each item exceeds the amount of money you have in your pocket, you will still be responsible for paying the difference between the value of the item and the total price of the products. In other words, if you paid $20 for an item, then it would be fair to say that you would have to pay the price of the item back to the person who purchased it.

For those who need a little extra help with figuring out the figures, or who are not completely sure about cost calculations of products, they may consider shopping around to find a calculator to calculate which is right for their needs. When you compare price tags of various available items online, you may come across one that includes a cost of production that is included. Then, when you get to look at the product, you can look at the cost of production and estimate the price of that particular item. This can give you a good idea of what you will have to pay to get a certain item that you need.

You can use the Stylish Cost Calculator plugin in WordPress to determine the cost of making a purchase. This website cost calculator plugin can do the calculation and generate price quotes instantly for the users. After generating a quote, users can email it. There are different types of templates available based on different business models. It has the option to publish the forms into pages and posts. If you still hesitate to take decisions to buy this WordPress calculator you can try the demo version. You will have an overall idea after using this free version. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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Ideally, it’s best that you have a basic understanding of web development (HTML, CSS, WordPress) to use this cost calculator WordPress plugin.  By purchasing the license, you agree to have access to basic and limited support, mainly for troubleshooting bugs. We do not offer refunds, so please test the demo first before purchasing.

The Stylish Cost Calculator plugin does have a variable math feature. Meaning, you cannot write custom similar to $Product x $Quantity = $Total. There are other plugins on the market which allow this but are much more difficult to setup. Our plugin was designed to more easy-to-use than work for complex pricing structures. Although thousands of users find this plugin does exactly what they’re looking for, we don’t guarantee it will work for your situation. We encourage you to use the free version first to try it out.